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TAMEC (P) Limited was formed in 1995. However our registration with the government of India under Companies ACT 1956 has been done in December 2002.We have successfully placed over 5000 students in various countries, the bulk of them being to USA and Ireland.

The Company

From the Director’s Desk

Director : Gagan Gupta

Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards transforming your life by pursuing an exciting and rewarding education and career. Over the past twenty years, we have worked with students, one on one, to realize their full potential, personally, academically, and on the career ladder of their choice. Many are now in top management positions or own their thriving and profitable businesses. That is an incredible accomplishment in this very difficult economy.

TAMEC Private Limited will partner with you by providing a hands-on teaching experience through its “ competency-based” education. This means that our faculty identifies and embraces students’ different learning styles.
...In our “student-centered” classroom environment, we make sure you understand, learn, practice and finally master IELTS//PTE and its concepts by giving you personal, caring, continuous, and supportive instruction and feedback. Because of this approach, you will develop and even exceed English language skills.
TAMEC Private Limited is known as the best in academia. Each one has been rigorously hand chosen for their teaching ability, knowledge, friendly personality, and experience and success in their field. In fact, the entire TAMEC Private Limited works as a team to help you succeed. Because of our full commitment to your personal and academic needs, the educational atmosphere in the coaching is supportive, knowledgeable and exciting!
Come and Visit us in person, any member of our admissions or instructional teams will be enthusiastic in describing how TAMEC Private Limited can help you realize your personal greatness and achieve your ultimate dreams. We look forward to having your as a part of our TAMEC Private Limited family.

About Us

We at TAMEC believe that Education is the passport to a successful Future.

The TAMEC team collaborates with students to illuminate the path of discovery and assists them in reaching beyond the stars. The team comprises individuals with different areas of expertise, enriching the guidance provided to students

TAMEC recognizes that career choices are based on a variety of factors rather than the society's inherent belief - the student's aptitude! Various factors include the student's background, environment, dreams, ambitions, interests, personality, and innate abilities.

What We Actually Do

The organization has evolved over the past 20+ years and includes various services such as the Overseas Education, Career Testing and Counseling, Workshops and Seminars, and Personality Development. The aim is to help individuals with all the aspects of their career choice and a successful future.

There is a range of options available in today's world. However, choosing the right one from an ocean of careers is a challenging feat – owing to a lack of understanding of one's abilities and capabilities. Added to this is the fast technology-based lifestyle, which makes parents educated but not enlightened.

Our vision is to lend a helping hand to such parents and students by offering the proper guidance through accurate career assessment and assistance for global education.

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TAMEC (P) Limited an International Student Recruitment Organization that assists students like you to get admissions and scholarships to universities in USA, UK, Canada, Greece, Australia, Singapore and Ireland.

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